MJ Sparkling Brut

Artisanal winemaking

Maison Jussiaume specializes in handcrafted sparkling wine made following the traditional and demanding Champenoise method of production.

With an extremely limited release, each and every bottle is responsible for revealing the complexity, freshness, and elegance of the Southern Oregon landscape where the grapes were sourced.


There are no short-cuts: precision is essential, wisdom is a prerequisite, and labor-intensive is an understatement; but passion makes it all possible.

Winemaker Jean-Michel Jussiaume’s precise attention to detail, and rigorous hands-on approach to all aspects of the production process are evident from the first sip.

MJ Sparkling riddling
MJ sparkling riddling
MJ sparkling lees
MJ Sparkling corking
MJ sparkling
MJ Sparkling aphrometer
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